12 Week Mentorship and Methodology


Hey Friend and welcome to the AND-MADE 12-Week Mentorship and Methodology. Sounds boring right…well I promise you it is anything but! Here you will learn how to start and successfully run your handmade jewelry business and go from HOBBY to a HANDMADE Brand in 12 weeks.
Who am I and what qualifies me?
I am so glad you asked this friend because in a day and age of information overload it can be hard to find someone worth trusting with your business and most importantly…your coins.
So, who am I…my name is Alexis Daniels and I am the owner of AND-MADE by Hand, a Handmade Accessory Brand that specializes in statement earrings and accessories. If you found me there then you already know that I love all things colorful, all things fashionable, and all things UNIQUE and I combine all those loves into wearable art that helps women who look like me feel more confident in the way we decorate our bodies in the rooms we were destined to be in.
I have been blessed to be a business owner for over 5 years and I have been able to grow into a multiple 6-Figure brand and business by using my 15 years of Retail and Operations experience to help structure my brand, improve my customer experience, and leverage sales driven data to ultimately increase my bottom line. But it wasn't always like that. This journey has been an uphill battle of disappointment and re-direction and this program was created to help fellow business owners skip some of the frustration and take a more direct path to LONG-TERM, predictable success.
Who I work with?
I work with women who currently have a handmade hobby they want to turn into a business and are:
1. Just starting out and have no clue where to start and need support at every step of the way.
2. Women that are actively selling and functioning in their business model but need some help fine tuning and creating a plan to move forward and scale to 5-Figures.

Over the next 12-Weeks we will cover…

Where to Start and How to Get Yourself Organized
Perfecting your Business Vision
Naming your Business and Why it is so Important
Tools you May Need to Support Your Business
Scheduling and Finding Work/Life Balance
Using Your Past Experience to Leverage your Business Success
Identifying and Filling the Gaps in your Business
Ways to Structure your Business (What works BEST for you)
         LLC, S-Corp, Corporation, Inc, Trademark vs Copyright
Creating a Business Model that Works for YOU and Your LIFESTYLE
How to Identify and Find your Target Audience
How to NICHE Down to Maximize Success
Creating a Brand Identity
Marketing and Branding to your Target Audience
Sourcing Materials, Packaging, Shipping and Other Business/Product Supplies
What Should be in Your Packaging
Pricing your Products for Profit
Creating SMART Sales Goals
Understanding and Reading KPI's 
Saving, Re-Investing and Paying Yourself
Which E-Commerce Platform works Best for Your Handmade/Creative Business
Organic Growth vs. Paid Advertising
Pop - Up Events and Vendor Markets
Social Media Growth and How to Make it Easier
Email Marketing and Campaigns
Knowing when to Outsource and Hire Help
How to Leverage Sales Driven Data to Increase Bottom Line
What is the "Customer Experience", Why it's Important and What it Looks Like for YOUR Business
Creating Repeat Customers
Business Efficiency and How to Scale When Your BUSINESS is Ready
    Along with these topics we will dive into the SPECIFIC problems you are currently having in your business and how to tackle them through “In the Moment” Coaching and direct access to me and my 15 years of experience with Bi-Weekly Calls and weekly homework assignments ✔️
    What I am not…
    Unfortunately, I am not your Fairy Godmother. I wish I could sing a magical song and make it all just HAPPEN overnight. But...
    I do not have a wand that turns lazy into cash and no I cannot turn bad ideas into good ones. 
    None of this happens without hard work, DISCIPLINE and a PLAN but the good news is…IT CAN HAPPEN! Your goal of 5 figure months is only 6 weeks away and I cannot wait to celebrate with you once you’ve reached that milestone and while we're on the way!
    Please feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions at hello@andmadebyhand.com 
    High Fives and Good Vibes 💕
    Alexis Daniels
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