Hey Friend Hey!!!

Created out of the sheer desire to live more creatively, AND-MADE by Hand has developed into a Handmade Accessory & Apparel Design House that unapologetically celebrates women of color through positive messaging, inclusive visuals, and wearable art pieces.

We say "Hey Friend, I see you!" in every step of our customer's experience and journey and continue to change the way the world views black owned businesses.

AND-MADE is for women looking to add a little more "razzle" to their already existing "DAZZLE". The women that enjoy taking up space and showing up as their authentic selves in the board room and in the school pick-up line. The women who know without a doubt that they are indeed: THAT GIRL.

AND-MADE by Hand offers a variety of products from Bracelets, Rings, Necklaces, Handbags, Outerwear, Graphic Tees, and most recently Men's Accessories but we specialize in DOPE Earrings.  

Featured on the likes of Tabitha Brown, Sarah Jakes-Roberts, LeToya Luckett, Mary Mary, Erica Campbell, the legendary SWV, Chasity Simone and most importantly the thousands of women all over the world that believe in, and support AND-MADE on a regular basis; AND-MADE is creating our own lane and building our own table for EVERYRONE to come and have a seat. 

AND-MADE is committed to creating spaces where women are SEEN and CELEBRATED through handmade goods that speak our language, decorate our spaces and adorn our bodies.

Based in Dallas, TX


It is an absolutely humbling experience to see my creations come to life on each and every one of you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for growing with me, sticking with me, for the encouragement and support.
I am grateful for the opportunity to reach so many people and just be a light.
High Fives and Good Vibes,